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New Wood Adhesive from DAP Delivers Top Strength Performance and Faster
Cure Time

RapidFuse™ Wood Adhesive Cures in Just 30 Minutes Taking the Wait Time Out of Woodworking   

BALTIMORE – April 20, 2016 – From complex builds such as building furniture and cabinetry to detailed craft projects, woodworking professionals and hobbyists rely on skill, precision and quality materials to deliver quality craftsmanship. That’s why DAP, a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry, introduces the latest advancement in adhesive technology, RapidFuse™, to ensure users get a fast and flawless bond with incredible strength. DAP® RapidFuse™ Wood Adhesive provides the benefits of a fast cure without compromising on the strength and durability that woodworkers demand.

“DAP RapidFuse Wood Adhesive provides woodworkers with a fast cure while delivering on the performance they demand,” said Kate Piche, Group Product Director at DAP. “Its unique formula gives it the ability to be repositioned and cure with a professional strength bond that is clean, fast, and long lasting.”

DAP® RapidFuse™ Wood Adhesive is a woodworker’s ideal product. It cures in just 30 minutes, ready to plane, sand and stain, for a fast return to service without causing damage to the cured bond. Not only does it work on all wood types, but DAP RapidFuse Wood Adhesive goes two times further than yellow glue and causes no water or swelling damage to joints. The glue is repositionable up to three minutes to allow ample time for perfect alignment while still allowing for the same level of strength once cured.

The unrivaled strength and durability of RapidFuse combined with its fast cure time and ability to be repositioned are qualities that no other instant bond adhesive can match. DAP RapidFuse Wood Adhesive does not require an activator and works on all wood types as well as other surfaces such as metal, ABS, melamine, particle board, PVC, glass and stone. The end-result – joints are clean, tight and water resistant, making it a durable solution for both interior and exterior use.

DAP RapidFuse Wood Adhesive is available in two sizes: .85 oz. and 4 oz., and is available at your local home improvement retailer nationwide. For more information visit www.dap.com.

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