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All-Purpose, Easy-To-Use Wood Filler Restores and Repairs Home Imperfections

DAP® PLASTIC WOOD® and PLASTIC WOOD-X® with DryDex® Technology Offers Increased Performance and Greater Strength over Competitors

BALTIMORE – May 4, 2016 – Wood products such as classic molding and beautiful flooring have been a mainstay in traditional homes for centuries by not only providing structure, but also adding a sense of warmth and personal character. As time goes on, the beauty of wood features can be marred by signs of wear and tear as well as more extreme damages. DAP® PLASTIC WOOD® All Purpose Wood Filler is an easy-to-use solution which rejuvenates wood surfaces to make them look new again. And now, new DAP PLASTIC WOOD-X® makes the application process even easier with the patented DryDex® Dry Time Indicator featuring a unique formula which goes on pink and dries natural, letting you know when it’s time to sand and stain. Both products feature a latex-based formula which is easy to clean up with water, low in odor and looks and acts like real wood – creating an invisible repair.

Optimized Strength and Performance
DAP PLASTIC WOOD All Purpose is engineered to dry with minimal shrinking and no cracking to provide a permanent solution for professionals and DIYers who want to repair interior and exterior wood surfaces. Its thick, knife-grade consistency spreads smoothly and evenly, which is perfect for vertical surfaces or to mold and sculpt corners. Once cured, PLASTIC WOOD ALL PURPOSE is three times stronger than competitive products on the market and provides strong nail and screw anchoring capabilities. While other wood filler products appear speckled or discolored, PLASTIC WOOD ALL PURPOSE dries a consistent natural color to maintain a blemish-free appearance that blends well with real wood when stained or painted. It is also available in new easy-to-use squeeze tubes for an even easier application and comes in multiple wood shades, including natural, golden oak, red oak, walnut and white.

“Using DAP PLASTIC WOOD All Purpose to easily repair unsightly holes, scratches and gouges in wood surfaces can give your home a refreshed look,” said Kate Piche, Group Product Director at DAP. “It is the perfect solution for repairing imperfections in wood trim, floors, furniture, cabinetry, doors and more.”

DryDex® Technology
DAP has made a simple wood repair application process even easier by adding its patented DryDex® dry time indicator to the performance of PLASTIC WOOD – creating new PLASTIC WOOD-X. Ideal for homeowners and beginner DIYers, PLASTIC WOOD-X goes on pink and dries natural so there’s no guesswork when it’s time to sand and stain creating an invisible repair.
DAP PLASTIC WOOD All Purpose and PLASTIC WOOD-X are available at your local The Home Depot store in a variety of sizes to suit any project. For more information visit www.dap.com

About DAP Products Inc.
DAP manufactures reliable, long-lasting products for contractors and DIYers. Headquartered in Baltimore, Md., DAP is a leading manufacturer of caulks, sealants, adhesives, insulating foam, spackling, glazing and other general patch and repair products. For more information about DAP products and applications, visit our website at www.dap.com.


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