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DAP® Expands Legendary ALEX® Brand with New Spackling Repair Products

ALEX Plus® and ALEX Flex® Deliver Professional Performance
for a variety of Home and Wall Repairs

BALTIMORE – May 2, 2017 – When creating the premium finished look of a professional paint job inside or outside the home, pros reach for quality products from brands they know and trust. That’s why DAP® , a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry, has expanded its popular ALEX® brand, the No. 1 caulk brand pro painters prefer for paint projects, with two new spackling solutions. New ALEX Plus® and ALEX Flex® Spackling provide unsurpassed performance for filling holes and cracks on surfaces throughout the home with exceptional durability. What’s more, repaired areas won’t sink or shrink, and can be easily sanded and painted.

“Professional painters know and trust that DAP’s ALEX products will deliver the quality and performance needed on each and every job. When it comes to creating durable repairs that create the smooth surface required for a premium finished paint job, drywallers, remodelers and painters alike can count on ALEX Plus and ALEX Flex Spackling to provide the same professional results” said Megan Youngs, Product Manager at DAP.

ALEX Plus Spackling is formulated to deliver professional strength and durability when making repairs on a range of surfaces, including drywall, wood, and metal. This shrink- and crack-resistant formula allows pros to complete a successful repair with just one coat, saving time during paint prep. ALEX Plus Spackling is easy to apply, sands to a smooth finished surface, and creates the superior paintability pros need for a finished repair that seamlessly blends with the surrounding area. Providing exceptional strength that can withstand driving a nail without damage, homeowners can count on durable results that will last for years to come.

DAP designed new ALEX Flex Spackling for maximum flexibility to move with the repaired surface as problem areas expand and contract with changes in weather and humidity. Unlike competitive products, ALEX Flex combines a flexible solution with the ability to be sanded to a smooth finish and painted for a seamless repair – perfect for eliminating those stubborn reoccurring cracks in drywall. This low-odor formula is resistant to shrinking and cracking and can be used for indoor and outdoor repairs.  

ALEX Plus and ALEX Flex Spackling are available in a variety of convenient sizes and can be found at your local home improvement retailer in May. For more information, visit www.dap.com

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DAP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of caulks, sealants, foam, adhesives, and repair products with a history of first-to-market innovations with trusted, quality, reliable, and long-lasting products for professional contractors, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers.

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